General issues
  • 2meetup was created for those who organize and host many meetings. Online and not only

  • This is where you create a link that your customers can use to see the available time to schedule an appointment. The service helps to book your time, integrates with the calendar, creates video meetings in Google meet and Zoom and sends reminders

  • 2meetup creates a personal page for you, where your clients can choose a convenient format and time to communicate with you.

    You can place a link to your 2meetup page on your website or in social networks. Unlike the usual feedback form, here the client himself chooses when to contact him and how it is more convenient for him to do it (online presentation, personal meeting, call).

    This way you can stand out from the competition and warm up the lead as much as possible

Beginning of work
  • On the page login you need to enter your email, get a one-time password for it and enter his

  • Immediately after logging in, you will see a button "connect Zoom" . When you log into Zoom, the service will receive permission to create appointments on your behalf. This is necessary in order to automatically create links to meetings.

  • Immediately after logging in, you will see the "Connect Google Calendar" button. After logging into Google, the service will send all scheduled meetings to your calendar and, if necessary, generate links for google meet

  • You can edit the available time for meetings and other parameters by clicking on the "edit" button on any template. Or create a new template