2meetup CEO Artem Gabdrakhimov

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Artem Gabdrakhimov

2meetup CEO

Google meet   30 минут

Подключите свой календарь, чтобы скрыть слоты, в которых у вас есть запланированные дела

Here you can describe why a client would want to sign up for a meeting, consultation, session, or demo-call.

You can add pictures or videos.

The meeting can be held in person, over the phone, using messengers, or using one of the video conferencing services with which we have integration:

  • Zoom
  • Google meet
  • Jitsi.

A connection link will be automatically created for each meeting and sent out to you and your client.

You may even set up 2meetup for the premium fee to send messages to your clients directly on your behalf via Telegram and WhatsApp.

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