Meeting Scheduler

For coaches, tutors, recruiters, psychologists and lawyers

Meeting scheduling service
Set your schedule

Indicate at what time and how it is convenient for you to meet

Share your link with clients

Share a link to your 2meetup page on instagram, on the website or simply send it in personal correspondence

Clients will choose the time themselves and make an appointment

The meeting will be added to your calendar, a room in Zoom will be created automatically, and so that the client does not forget - 2meetup will send a reminder to messengers

2meetup features
Manage your appointments 24/7

Manage your appointments 24/7

Avoid double bookings

Avoid double bookings

Reduce cancellations

Reduce cancellations

Plan any communication

One on one

Schedule one-on-one meetings with clients and colleagues. Online or offline

Webinar or lesson

When you need to add multiple guests to a meeting


When you need to coordinate the schedules of several colleagues to make an appointment

Round robin

When it is necessary to distribute incoming requests among company employees evenly


Automatic Zoom meetings creation. Links are sent to you and the client by email according to the schedule that you set

Google calendar

When choosing time for a meeting, 2meetup checks if there are any scheduled events for this time in the Google calendar and synchronizes newly scheduled meetings


New meetings will automatically go to your AmoCRM. You won't miss them


2meetup will text your customers on WhatsApp and remind you of the upcoming meeting


Telegram-bot 2meetup will create a message to invite the client to a meeting and show the schedule of the next meetings

Контур Толк

Русский сервис видеоконференций. Планируйте и проводите видеовстречи, даже когда Zoom работает со сбоями

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