Meeting Scheduler

For coaches, tutors, recruiters, psychologists and lawyers

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Meeting scheduling service
Online Appointment Scheduling

2meetup saves you time and keeps track of your clients

Messenger reminders

2meetup finds a client in Telegram or WhatsApp and reminds about the meeting

Coach CRM

Client log, contacts, notes and more

2meetup features
Not Only Emails

Not Only Emails

No one reads emails anymore. That's why we also send reminders in messengers. And if they are not read either, we can send a text or call*

All in One

All in One

Embedded free coach CRM, embedded free videocall-service, embedded free messenger integrations for effective reminders

Improved Work-Life Balance

Improved Work-Life Balance

We know your schedule is unique so we provide you full control of your timetable with adjustable settings. You decide how many meetings you want to conduct, set a break beetween them, prevent unexpected meetings and more.

Plan any communication

One on one

Schedule one-on-one meetings with clients and colleagues. Online or offline

Webinar or lesson

When you need to add multiple guests to a meeting


When you need to coordinate the schedules of several colleagues to make an appointment

Round robin

When it is necessary to distribute incoming requests among company employees evenly


Sing up to your account and each zoom-meeting in your calendar will get a link automatically

Google calendar

Sign up with Google and don't forget to tick the last 2 points during authorization. All the events from 2meetup will synchronize with the calendars you choose


New meetings will automatically go to your AmoCRM. You won't miss them


Pre-set. No need to sign up or think of WA Business approval. We have taken care of it. Enjoy your notifications!


Join our bot and get notifications for new, cancelled, or rescheduled meetings, and view your upcoming schedule on your phone.

Our Client's Reviews
Tata Malyar Coach


Business coach, PhD in psychology, methodologist
It's the perfect service for coaches! That's right, it's perfect. I've tested a lot of services, and I stand behind my words.
Olga Coach


Evolutionary Coach
Everything is easy and convenient! It puts it in the calendar itself, makes a link to the Zoom. I like it very much.
Andrew psychologist


I set up my profile once and have just watched my calendar fill up with appointments ever since. I no longer think about reminders or endless discussions when it suits me.
Set up in 5 minutes