You are welcome to sign up for our affiliate program. This is very easy:

  • You receive your unique affiliate link in your personal cabinet’s “Affiliate Program” section;
  • Through your link, you bring the target users.

Target audience

Our target audience is the one that holds more than two or three on-line client meetings a week.

It spends a lot of time on operations, discussing things like “What time is convenient for you? and “What time zone is this in? It spends a significant amount of time on ops:

  • What time is most convenient for you? and what time zone is this in?
  • Synchronize his schedule with those of his clients,
  • For each appointment, generate a link to Zoom,
  • Send the link to each client, and remind them well in advance.

Who are these people?

  • Coaches and coaching organizations (life coaches, business coaches)
  • Psychologists, nutritionists and astrologers,
  • Online language schools – learning products where lead activation happens through a trial lesson;
  • Sales managers who sell complex IT products and service through consultative sales;
  • HR Professionals;
  • Executives and company owners, managers.

How to find them?

The most common examples of referral link attraction:

  • Posting of the article “Top 5 Services for Online Appointments (for Scheduling Meetings)” on the business blog.
  • Video tutorials on “how to coach without an administrator” and “how to automate administrator work” are being posted on YouTube and in chat rooms with a similar theme.
  • “how to make sure a client doesn’t forget an appointment by automatically reminding him of it.”
  • holding thematic webinars for representatives of CA,
  • Including 2meetup in your product’s “recommended services” and “our partners” sections


Every month on the fifth, we gather the reports on all the payments made by the users you introduced.

And we give you: 

  • 50% of the initial payment, 
  • 25% of each payment after that, 
  • or 30% if you purchase a lifetime license.

The partner ID is saved in the cookie once you click a link. The cost of onboarding will be deducted from your account if the cookie is not manually deleted after 30 days.