Scheduling meetings. Best practices

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Best Practices

Digital Workplace Essentials to Optimize Workflows

What are the digital workplace essentials, and how can they help streamline your business? Employee retention is now a top priority as it is the base for all corporate goals. Organizations that successfully retain their valued employees understand that digital-native employees expect greater flexibility to do work from everywhere. Luckily, technology has advanced to the …

Best Practices

7 reasons to schedule meetings in 2meetup

Hello! I’m Artem, the CEO and founder of 2meetup. You have once made an appointment through my service ☺️ If you ever need to invite someone to a meeting, create a Zoom link and remind your invitee of it, try 2meetup. Believe me, whoever invited you didn’t choose us for nothing. We have: And the …

How To

Albato Connection

You can integrate 2meetup with any CRM, task manager or Google sheet. To do this you need to use the Albato integration service. Create an automation Integration of two services in Albato is called “an automation”.Let’s connect a Google sheet with 2meetup as an example, so that the names and phone numbers of everyone who …

How To

How to schedule a Zoom meeting

Today, Zoom has become the unspoken standard for video conferencing. When you need to schedule an online meeting, the question of where it will take place usually does not arise. Everyone is waiting for the Zoom link. And with ubiquitous remoteness, this trend is only getting stronger. But how to schedule a Zoom meetings automaticly? …