Coaching software

Since the strike of covid a significant part of a coach’s work has moved online. It took some time for many of us to move to the new environment, but the good news is that there are plenty of useful services to help us out.

And now we are way more concerned about how to raise our efficacy and manage our work-life balance.

In this article we gathered 3 most efficient services that will help organize your coaching practice online.
We will tell you how not to waste time on reminding your clients about the sessions (that is, at all!), on handing out homework and extra materials, on collecting statistics before the certification, and most importantly – how not to spend extra money.

So, have you already imagined how streamlined your online office will become? Alright, here we go!


First of all we need online rooms to meet with our clients.
Zoom is quite popular, but we know what its drawbacks are: you have to pay to work properly, otherwise your meetings will be limited in time and a lot of features will not be available. There also can be problems with installing an app and those messy identificators to enter the room.

But why bother if there’s jitsi. Absolutely free unlimited software that creates online rooms for your purposes, records your meetings if needed etc.
All your client has to do is to follow the link and enter their name.


The second sphere we need to organize is your methodology and work with clients.
Google Classroom is a teacher instrument that can be utterly useful for coaches, too.

Create a teacher profile and your first course. Fill it out with the program which you use to work with clients (you can create several of them).

Add homework, additional materials, videos, printouts, tips and recommendations there.
Share the course’s ID with the clients, with whom you work on this program, so they can do their homework, take extra materials and leave comments.

Check homework, communicate with clients, leave announcements, give group assignments, if you practice such work.
All out-of-session activity can happen here.


And last but not least is to mold it all together and automate the processes.
And here comes 2meetup. A coach-oriented meeting scheduler. 10 times better than calendly and analogs due to innovative reminder system, and built-in coach facilities:

  • Client management with easy and practical coach CRM
  • Statistics of your meetings and client base in Client Log
  • NPS opportunity
  • Built-in calendar
  • Detailed settings of your meetings

But the best part is that 2meetup provides integrations with Jitsi and Google so that everything you do is linked and in sync!

2meetup creates jitsi room links for your meetings and adds those meetings to your Google calendar, which you can easily link to your Google Classroom.

2meetup is the only service on our list that’s not completely free, but its free plan is not limited in features as it’s usually done with other services. As long as you conduct less than 10 hours of meetings per month you can use the service at full capacity for free. And this is pretty much enough to transfer 1 or 2 clients to it and see if it works well for you.
Plus the prices for the paid plan are very sweet anyway.

Which service did you find the most interesting in our selection?