You can integrate 2meetup with any CRM, task manager or Google sheet.

To do this you need to use the Albato integration service.

Create an automation

Integration of two services in Albato is called “an automation”.
Let’s connect a Google sheet with 2meetup as an example, so that the names and phone numbers of everyone who makes an appointment with you appear in the table.

To do this we:

  • Log into Albato;
  • Go to “Automations;
  • Click “NEW”;
  • Select 2meetup as the trigger, and “appointment scheduled” as the event. This means that Albato will receive data every time a new meeting is scheduled in your 2meetup account;
  • Then go to your 2meetup Settings page, copy the Api key and paste it into the connection creation form.

Adding an action

And now you can connect any of the hundreds of services provided by Albato. We are connecting Google Sheets.
Choose a table to insert data in and select what data from 2meetup will be used.

Similarly you can set up integration with any other CRM.