We have always worked to improve the user experience:

  • make slot selections as convertible as possible;
  • determine each participant’s time zone automatically, and convert the time so that no one has to figure out exactly what time to connect;
  • and, of course, deliver appointment reminders in different ways: by sms, call, email, and messengers.
    The best results come from our cascading reminders. This is when 2meetup tries to deliver a message in Telegram, if it fails, then in WhatsApp, and if it fails, then by call.

And recently we’ve figured out how to make these reminders even cooler!

Send messages on your behalf and with your text

Now you can connect your Premium plan, go to notification settings and connect your personal messenger accounts.

Then 2meetup will not send reminders on behalf of our bots, or with a standard text, but will make them as if you were writing a message to your client.

Meeting reminder by messengers

Simply customize the text to be sent. Ask your customer how he’s doing, whether he remembers the appointment. And 15-30-60 minutes before the appointment (as you set up), a personal message will be sent to the client on your behalf. This allows you to improve the reachability of the meeting. Your message won’t be perceived as “spam”. And with this option, you can provide information to the client before the meeting. For example, by telling them right in the reminder text how to prepare for the meeting.