WhatsApp integration

Making an appointment is half the battle. You also need to make sure that all participants come to it, so that no one forgets. To do this, you need to remind: in a day, in 3 hours, in 15 minutes. The number and frequency of reminders is highly dependent on the context.

But what does not depend much on the context is the channels through which reminders are delivered.

We have long had the following ways of delivering reminders:

  • emails
  • text messages
  • phone calls

But calls are often dropped, email is read by many people only a couple of times a day, and text messages from unknown numbers are perceived by people as spam.


Apparently, the open rate is higher for messages in instant messengers.

The most popular messenger in the world is WhatsApp. As of February 2021, 73% of respondents use it most often. The top three most popular also include Viber (26%) and Telegram (18%).

Open rate in WhatsApp is 99%.

Except that if you’ve ever tried to connect WhatsApp for any business tools, you probably know what it costs:

  • create a WhatsApp business account,
  • create a Facebook business account,
  • upload your legal entity data to Facebook and verify your account,
  • find and connect a provider,
  • set up a template,
  • e.t.c

Relax! You don’t have to do that.

With our partners at GupShup, we’ve got everything hooked up on our end. All you need to do is:

  1. Have an account with any of the paid plans.
  2. Set up notifications in your events at a time needed