Today, Zoom has become the unspoken standard for video conferencing. When you need to schedule an online meeting, the question of where it will take place usually does not arise. Everyone is waiting for the Zoom link. And with ubiquitous remoteness, this trend is only getting stronger. But how to schedule a Zoom meetings automaticly?

How to host a Zoom meeting with 2meetup

Connecting a Zoom account to 2meetup

  • Find the Zoom connection button
  • Agree to the requested permissions and connect
Connect Zoom account

In your event types will automatically create Zoom meeting

If necessary, you can adjust the duration, notification settings or title.

Send your 2meetup link to the Zoom meeting to your interlocutors

Zoom meeting scheduling page example

The interlocutor will choose a convenient day, time and schedule a meeting.

At the same time, 2meetup will create a postponed meeting in Zoom and send you and your interlocutor links to connect.

You will see links in your personal account and in reminder letters.