How many meetings have you had in the past week? And how many emails or messages did you send to coordinate the time? Think about how much time you spent on actions that don’t bring any real change. Actions that can be automated. offers a solution that allows you to easily and efficiently organize meetings. is a platform designed for meeting planning. Here are a few advantages that make it attractive to users:

Centralized schedule: With, you can create and store all your meetings in one place. This makes schedule management easier and allows you to quickly see all upcoming meetings. It can be accessed through your browser or Telegram bot.

Convenient time coordination: The service provides a user-friendly calendar where you can indicate available time slots for meetings. Participants can choose the most convenient time from the options you provide.

Meeting reminders: automatically sends reminders to all participants about upcoming meetings. This helps avoid forgotten or missed meetings and promotes punctuality.

Calendar integration: integrates with Google Calendar, allowing automatic synchronization of your meetings and facilitating usage.

How to use Using is simple and intuitive. Here are a few steps to help you get started with the service:

  1. Register on Create an account using your email address;
  2. Provide your information: Enter your name, profession, and other details to be displayed on your meeting planning page;
  3. Set up your planning page: Customize the name, location, description, and other settings of your meeting planning page as needed;
  4. Offer time options to your clients and colleagues: Send your new meeting planning link to your clients or share it on your website or in your email signature;
  5. When someone needs to meet or have a call with you, simply send them the link to your 2meetup page. No more wasting time on back-and-forth messages like “When are you available? What time zone are you in? Shall I remind you? Here’s the Zoom link.”

Let 2meetup handle it for you.

Here’s an example of a meeting planning page. Feel free to test how it works.